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Emily Bloom’s Pumpkin & Lentil Soup Recipe

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~~Emily Bloom’s Pumpkin & Lentil Soup~~

1 1/2 tblsp of Coconut Oil
2 tblsp of fresh chopped ginger
1 tblsp ground tumeric
1 tblsp ground coriander
1 tblsp ground cumin
1 tblsp ground fenugreek seed
sprinkle of chilli flakes
3 bay leaves 
1 cup of red lentils washed and rinsed
1/3 of jap pumpkin chopped into sml – medium pieces
1/4 of butternut pumpkin chopped into sml – medium pieces
1 litre of vegetable stock 
a couple of handfuls of baby spinach or kale

On medium to high, heat the coconut oil in a large saucepan and when melted add the ginger and spices + chilli and heat until fragrant.  Add the red lentils and pieces of pumpkin and immerse in the spices.  Then add the vegetable stock and bay leaves and bring to the boil then simmer for 25 – 30 minute or until the pumpkin becomes soft almost mushy (the water should just cover the pumpkin) .  Taste the soup throughout the simmering process and add more vege stock (powder) or spices if more taste is needed (and season with salt & pepper if desired).  Take the soup off the stove and allow to cool for a couple of minutes then add the baby spinach or kale and mix through with a handheld mixer to form a thick soup consistency (remove the bay leaves).      Serves 2-3.   Option: replace the butternut pumpkin with sweet potato.



Poem 2 – False safety

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To be or not to be, 

To love or not to love, 

To soar or not to soar, 

To stay in the depths of your limitations in order to feel safe.


Poem 1 – The essence is love

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I don’t know him yet I know I love him,

I can’t accept his past yet it resonates with my own,

There is familiarity and easiness between us that it almost questionable,

Today he has gone, I have pushed him away,

If I had not done this am I sure he would have stayed,

Yes, I believe he would because his love is so strong,

It is I, who has doubts and thinks it is all wrong,

I sense love and it’s essence beneath attachments and wounds,

But these thoughts in my head detach me from my heart’s tune.


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Its been a while!!!

So on Easter Saturday I was at a Writers afternoon tea down the South Coast of Sydney, the second afternoon tea in a series of public holiday get togethers, the host a lovely lady writer helping writers stay on their path.  I dragged myself there with two verses of a poem I had written amidst the chaos of a love gone wrong or one that was never right – still deciding on that!

Although I felt like a fraud and an imposter, I was encouraged to share my two verses with the group so I took a deep breath and put it out there.   There was an awkward silence and I wondered what would follow??  I couldn’t wait that long so I screamed ‘say something’!!!   It seemed to be well received and I was encouraged to keep on going with my poem.  I had become stuck because I wanted to know the rules of poetry, I wanted to hear that there was a structure that I had to follow and I was waiting for someone to say that I was doing something wrong.  What I was told was the rules are there are no rules!!!  I make up my own as I go along and see what happens.  This is what my creativity longed to hear but I hadn’t been able deliver the message.  Finally, I had permission to make up my own rules and it felt both exciting and frightening.

And then, I received the news of NaPoWriMo and decided to take the plunge and share some more.  I’m a day behind but that’s no excuse so here goes…I am putting myself out there!

Much love,



Interesting article on being a housewife..

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Gosh, I think all those housewives out there really are onto it!  I say if that’s truly what you want then go for it.  This article and my share yesterday has certainly made me think about being a housewife.   Me thinks that I would have to get involved on a school committee or do some charity work one or two days a week though…of course I would be finished in time to pick up my beautiful children from school and cook dinner for my husband – all with pleasure…:-)





The Law of Attraction

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  There is so much more to be said about ‘The Law of Attraction’ than  ‘you put it out there and the universe will deliver’.  I totally get it and experience this concept on a daily basis, in small delights,  but there is a part of it that is not quite working for me.  That part would be knowing exactly what I want to attract in some areas of my life and when I can attract them! 

Anyone who is in sync with this concept would agree that the more specific one is with their wants, the easier it is for the universe to deliver.  Just today a dear friend was saying how she asked for guy in her life that adored her, wine her and dined her, constantly doted on her and treated her like the classy lady that she is.  The universe delivered the goods and he did adore her, wine and dine her and all of the above but she did discover later down the track that he was also delivering the same treatment to a number of other ladies at the same time (he assured her that she was his favourite).  Turns out she wasn’t that into him anyway (now that’s another story) but this is a GREAT example that the more descriptive you are in your desires the better!!

My present turmoil is that I just don’t know what I truly want so I can’t help but wonder how on earth the universe will be able to guide me?  One day, I am so inspired creatively and so very grateful for my own space to be able to nourish, develop and nurture the unravelling of this creativity that the thought of sharing my space, both inner and outer gives me butterflies.  Other days, I might be sitting in my local park watching beautiful children play or couple/families enjoying the sunshine together and I’ll feel this undeniable pull to go down this path.

Can one have both I ask AND how can the universe possibly honour my wishes and desires if they change so drastically day to day? 

I pondered on this in my local park this afternoon and thought about leaving it for the universe yet again.  Surely I would get a sign!?!   I then moved closer to the water, spread my blanket out and had a sweet meditation during which it came to me that it may just be best to work with the universe on the things I really know that I want right NOW and stop worrying about the direction of my life, it will all unfold in time.

Love and light,



Hello lovely people…

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Wow – I can’t believe that FINALLY I have created a Blog page after months of talking about it!  I’m really new at this so please be patient with me. 

My name is Emily Bloom and I’ve been wanting to start a Blog for a while now to share the experiences, strenghts and hopes of my wonderful journey and in turn hear that of others.

Please may I show my gratitude to two beautiful friends who have inspired me to write this Blog without even knowing it – thank you Carley Shine and Tracey Star.  I also met the most amazing man this year at a Blogging Workshop who changed my world as I once knew it.  He’s had an amazing journey and his exciting, colourful and attractive nature inspired me to keep on walking towards the light – thank you TI!

So happy that I am here.  Have a feeling that 2011 is going to be amazing!  Bye for now.


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